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We offer you a golden opportunity to hire ebook writers from a professional writing company. We are known for providing the best and affordable ebook writing services online. Now you need not worry, we are here to get your work done in best price ever for that we have professional Ebook writers for hire. Just go through our price plan or fill out the form and we will get in touch with you.

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You may-be willing to write an ebook on your life story, a novel, a script or anything similar to that, but are unable to take out time of your busy schedule. In such a scenario we provide you the best ghostwriters for hire, as we see ourselves as a great and professional writing firm. We always look for customer satisfaction by understanding what our customers demand. People from around the globe usually contact us to get services like kindle ebook writing service, script writing service, novel writing service as we provide some of the famous and expert script & novel writers for hire.


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We are equipped with the best professional writers who are available 24/7 to assist you in whatever you require.

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We offer you a chance to hire cheap online ebook writing agency. We are a reputable ebook writing services company for hire. Don't miss the chance!

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Hire corporate writers to get you corporate profiles completed with expert ghostwriters. We are a professional ghostwriting services company.

We Provide Professional Ebook Writing Services

Considering ourselves as the answer to a lot of people out there searching for some top ebook writers for hire or to pay someone to write ebook for them, we have established this very platform where people can search us and hire ebook writer. We offer you our services in reasonable prices that you would ever find. Related to the pricing we keep ourselves so flexible that people usually use to search us by cheap ebook writers and other similar search terms. All of these are solely to satisfy our client needs and to build a never-lasting relation with each and every client of ours, these remain our foremost priority.

Quite similar to writing and ebook, a novel or a script it’s nearly impossible for a lot of people even to hire someone to write ebook for them. These are those people who are an alien to the idea of ghostwriting. Whereas in today’s technological era it’s no difficult to hire script writers, all you have to do is just make simple search engine searches like hire ghostwriters, hire novel writer etc. These searches will surely lead you to what you are looking for. In some scenarios when you are out of budget you need not go for famous book writers to hire, instead you can go for some cheap ones and get your work done. The more you keep it simple for you the easier will it get.

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How do you write an ebook and sell it on Amazon?

We usually write in ebook using Word, Google online Sheet. After writing ebook we usually convert them in ePub format and then we setup an account on Amazon Kindle. After setting it up we upload the ebook and then the price and usually the best cover for book is design and then we upload on it.

How do you write an ebook?

We usually write on the topics which are given by our clients and they matches the perfect audience what they need and write upon it. We also provide the proper outlines and heading of your ebook. After that we usually break all the chapters as per your need. After writing it we usually prepare a book cover design as well, choosing right colors for it.

How much does an ebook writing cost?

Well, the cost depends on the design of the book cover as well as for the whole ebook we probably charge 499$ to 1499$ including the design and ebook writing cost. It always depend on the project.

How much time will it take to write an Ebook?

If you are suggesting to write an ebook which may exceed to 20,000 word ebook then it may spent 15 to 25 Days in which there are 80 to 100 pages and if you need design so you may add 2 to 3 days more in it.

How much does a ghostwriter book cost?

Well we have different rates for it, if you want to hire us for hourly rate then we may charge 19$ to 199$ according to the book niche and for per project we charge 999$ to 1999$.

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