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Before we start telling you about our ghostwriting services, it is extremely important to answer the first question that comes to one’s mind after hearing the word “Ghost Writer”, i.e., what is a ghost writer? To simply explain, a ghostwriter is a freelance writer hired by someone else to write for them under their name.
We believe that every individual has a story to tell, and that’s why memoirs exist. People have been writing their personal memoirs for ages to tell the world about their life and how they lived to be what they become. However, writing a memoir is not an easy task.
People love to have their stories published. Whether it is their life story or a brand’s story, they want the world to know and recognize it.
We often get asked, does every book needs to be edited? Well, the answer is Yes! Every manuscript needs to go through a professional process of book editing to turn into a perfect book.
No one becomes a celebrity by birth; it takes years of hard work and sleepless days and nights to become one.
If you think that writing a combination of a few sentences and paragraphs is enough to create a masterpiece of an article or a book, you are thinking in the wrong direction.
Do you have a poetic personality? Or do you have a heart full of emotions you want to express to the world? Well, let us help you create a beautiful song with those emotions.
Once you are done with writing a book and have your final manuscript prepared, you can’t just leave it as is. The next step is to get that book published.
Whether you are looking for top literary agents or the best book publishing company, we are your answer! We provide all the book publishing services you need, and that too under your terms.
Do you want to share your life story with the world? Or have you experienced something in your real life that is worth sharing with the world? The best way to do that is through a book.
Among all the writing genres, journalistic writing is the most complicated one. It requires a professional writing style to deliver the information and precision to state the facts.
Writing a book and getting it published is not just enough to determine the success of the book; you need to market the book and tell the world about it.
Do you have a whimsical imagination? Would you like to share that with the world? Consult our fiction ghostwriters for hire today and let them shape a fiction story for you from your mind.
Article writing services are one of the fastest growing services in the world of digitalization. There are many agencies working in the area and providing these services, but our article writing company beats them all.
Are you done with writing your book? Do you have your manuscript ready to be published? Well, we have a question for you, how are you gonna represent the cover of that book?

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William Samuels
William Samuels CEO
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“I hired Wiki Specialist Inc. to create and run a Wikipedia page for me from scratch, and the Wikipedia page creation services they provided was top-notch. My experience with them was amazing and they submitted all my work within the given time frame.”
Laura Todd
Laura Todd CEO
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“I was highly impressed with the work attitude of the team of Wiki Specialist Inc. as they followed extremely professional working protocol and delivered within the committed time.”
Paul Rhodes
Paul Rhodes CEO
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“I got Wikipedia writers from Wiki Specialist Inc. to write and edit several Wikipedia pages for me and they provided the best results. Each page was delivered up to my expectations. Moreover, their professionalism is unbeatable.”

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