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We believe that every individual has a story to tell, and that’s why memoirs exist. People have been writing their personal memoirs for ages to tell the world about their life and how they lived to be what they become. However, writing a memoir is not an easy task. You need to unfold some of the deepest truths of your life and relive the hardest moments again. You need to bring the real you out to reflect your true self in the memoir. This is why you need to work with memoir ghostwriters who can understand the intensity of this experience. You need to look for those ghostwriters for memoirs that could feel your life as you would and narrate it to the audience as you feel.

But where can you find such memoir ghostwriters? Well, you can stop your search because our memoir ghostwriting service is here. We have a professional team of ghostwriters for memoirs that work side-by-side with our clients to unravel their life journeys in front of the world. They ask questions to our clients to understand their lives and bring the story to life in the most creative and innovative way. Contact us now and get hitched with the best personal memoir ghostwriting!

All Types of Memoirs

While some people want to hire memoir ghostwriting services to share their personal stories with the world, there are many other reasons one could write a memoir. For example, people who face extreme trauma in their life, write memoirs to heal from the pain. Moreover, there are a few different kinds of memoirs, and our memoir ghostwriting service works with all of them. Take a look at these different memoirs we write, and let us know for which one you need our memoir ghostwriters to work with you! 

Personal Memoirs

Personal Memoir Ghostwriting aims at helping you create a memoir to introduce yourself to the world. Tell your personal life story to them, including every little detail of your life, from good to bad. The goal here is to create a connection to people in your life and give them a reason to relate it to you! 

Professional Memoirs

We provide exceptional memoir ghostwriting service for professional memoirs to help you tell the world about your professional journey and achievements. Often politicians or owners of multinational corporations get their memoirs written by memoir ghostwriters to celebrate their achievements and tell the world how they reached this level of success. 

Therapeutic Memoirs

Writing a therapeutic memoir is a sensitive task, and our memoir ghostwriters understand that well. The reason is that here the client will be addressing a traumatic experience that could trigger the pain they have been hiding for years. Many people believe that sharing their trauma will heal them, and thus, they write a therapeutic memoir to tell the world what they have been through. Our ghostwriters for memoirs understand the severity of these memoirs and make sure to write them in the most therapeutic way, and avoid asking or writing anything that might trigger the client. 

Confessional Memoirs

As the name suggests, these memoirs are the confession of something that has been done in the past. People hire our memoir ghostwriters to write a memoir for them in which they confess something they regret doing in the past. This is a way for them to explain what they did and why they did it. Not just that, but it helps them reduce the guilt for their actions and move on. Working with our memoir ghostwriters, we understand the intensity of confessional memoirs, which is why we make sure we deliver the message exactly as our client wants to. 

Legacy Memoirs

Lastly, our memoir ghostwriters also provide service for writing legacy memoirs. Usually, the legacy memoirs are written by the elderly of a family to pass on their legacy to the future generation. Here, the target audience is limited, but the choice of words is still important because it is going to be in the family for generations. 

How Do We work?

Writing a memoir means working alongside clients because here, there’s no room for research, and memoir ghostwriters need to write as the word of clients. So, to make sure things go smoothly, we work with a simple process that goes as follows; 

Contact Us

You are the initiator of our process. You will call us and tell us about your idea for the project. This will be a small discussion so that we can have an idea about what you have in mind. 

Answer Our Questions

Once you have quoted the package and you approve of it, our team will give you a list of questions that you must answer to help our memoir ghostwriters know what to write about. Since this is going to be your story, make sure you give us the most information you can and spare no details. Also, highlight all the aspects of your life in their most truthful form. 

Drafting an Outline

Based on the answers you will provide to our questions, our team of memoir ghostwriters will come up with an outline for you. The outline will include how many chapters your memoir would be divided into and what elements would be discussed in each of them. It will be submitted to you as the skeleton of your memoir. 

Chapter Wise Delivery

Upon your approval of the outline, our memoir ghostwriter assigned to your project will start working upon it. Since it is a memoir, we work chapter by chapter and move forward only after getting the previous chapter approved, so there is always a connection between all the chapters. We will start delivering you chapters after every few days for review, and you can give us your feedback and approval. 


If you ever have reservations about the chapters we deliver you, feel free to let us know. We provide revisions to all our clients using our memoir ghostwriting services. Because it is about you, no one knows it better than you. 

Final Submission

Finally, after all the edits and revisions, we submit you the final draft of your memoir. So, your story is finally been written, and now all you need is to get that publish, and we can also help you with that! 


What our Client Say about us

William Samuels
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Laura Todd
Laura Todd CEO
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“I was highly impressed with the work attitude of the team of Hire eBook Writers as they followed extremely professional working protocol and delivered within the committed time.”
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Paul Rhodes CEO
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“I got eBook writers from Hire eBook Writers to write and edit several eBook's for me and they provided the best results. Each page was delivered up to my expectations. Moreover, their professionalism is unbeatable.”
Penelope Hoffman
Penelope Hoffman CEO
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“My Grandpa wanted to write a memoir of his life that he could forward to our family for generations, and he was very particular with his requirements. Well, the memoir writers here delivered the best! ”
Anthony Kerr
Anthony Kerr CEO
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“Writing a memoir with the writers here has been nothing but therapeutic for me. I am in awe of how it has turned out to be! ”
Zara Smith
Zara Smith CEO
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“The process they follow for memoir writing screams professionalism. They take everything so smoothly that I literally enjoyed every bit of getting my memoir written by them.”

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