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Whether you are looking for top literary agents or the best book publishing company, we are your answer! We provide all the book publishing services you need, and that too under your terms. We make sure we are on the same page as you, and this is why we provide you with a chance to tell us your goals and requirements. To become a writer, all you need to do is write a book, but to become an author, you need to get that book published. And if you are already a writer and have completed your book, hire a literary agent from our book publishing agency to help you become an author. You can now stop your search for publishing agents and get free from the hassle of taking your book to numerous and getting rejected. All you need to do is simply come to us and let us introduce you to our team of expert book publishers who possess both experience and skills when it comes to providing book publishing services.

Your Ideal Book Publishing Agency

We know that for a writer, getting a book written might not be difficult, but getting it through publication could be. But for you, we bring you an opportunity to stop looking for literary agents near me and connect with us to avail the best book publishing company. We work with all genres and formats of books and help the writers become the best authors in their respective industries. Whether you want to hire a literary agent for fiction, fantasy or non-fiction research, we will make sure the publishing is done without any chaos. We deliver quality work to our clients and have a team of highly experienced and professional literary agents and publishers who can work with all niches. Even if you have a simple query to begin with, our team of top literary agents will provide you with all your answers.

What Do We Provide?

As a leading book publishing agency, we make sure that you are never left alone to handle the publishing process of your book. You dream of the book, and we will make sure that your dream is fulfilled with success. With all our clients, we stay put till the end and guarantee them a published and well-marketed book in the end. All you need to do is contact us now and avail our services to get through the best publishing journey of your role as an author. With our commitment and your dedication, we assure you to get you a published book that is known to the world. We will be there with you throughout your journey till the day you are finally an author with millions of copies of your book around the world. We provide;

Editorial Support

We provide editorial support to all our clients to make sure that the manuscript they have is ready to be in its final stage and is free from all errors and mistakes. We know that writing a book is not an easy task, and there could be errors in the writing. So, we make sure that all of them are eliminated with our proofreading and editing services. Before we get to the publishing, our goal is always to make sure that the book we aim to publish is in its best condition so far. And with our editorial support, we make that happen at our book publishing company.

Marketing of The Book

Getting your book published will be of no use unless you get the right marketing for the book. You need to take it to the right audience in order to reach the success you aim at. With the expert publishers and top literary agents, we also have some extraordinary marketing experts that will provide you with a way to diversify your marketing strategy and develop a path to success. Our aim is to get your book on all well-reputed platforms and provide full exposure to reach a higher sales rate and take you towards growth.


We believe that an author deserves to have all the rights over the book they have written. Well, you might think that’s obvious because you wrote the book, so you are the owner, and there’s no other way to do it. But you need to mark that claim and get copyrights over your book because you might get into trouble in the future. So, to protect you from that, we provide all our clients with services to ensure that they get complete copyrights over their books.

Add Credibility

When you get a name of a renowned book publishing agency working with your book, it automatically brings more credibility to your book. The reason is that, if you are a new author, you would need some time to build a good reputation, and it would be dependent on the success of your new book. However, with a book publishing company having to back you up will bring you direct credibility and will add weight to your reputation.

How To Get Your Book Published?

Finally, the answer to your question on how you can get your book published is pretty simple. All you need to do is contact us, and our expert will connect with you. We have the top literary agents to guide your way through your publishing journey. Any question you have in mind, any confusion you have, just tell our experts, and we are sure you will find your answers!

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Laura Todd CEO
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Paul Rhodes CEO
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“I got eBook writers from Hire eBook Writers to write and edit several eBook's for me and they provided the best results. Each page was delivered up to my expectations. Moreover, their professionalism is unbeatable.”
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Vanessa North CEO
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“The process was made so easier because of the professionalism and precision of the team at hireebookwriters.”
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Matt James CEO
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“The publishing services I received here were much better than the other literary agents I looked at. They ran a simple process, and that too completed it at the most reasonable prices.”
Jake Gill
Jake Gill CEO
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“Through their professionalism and quality, they have truly got my trust for all my book publishing needs.”

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