Well, if you want to know the exact amount, you can get a quotation today by letting us know your requirements. However, in general, there are always different charges for each eBook we publish. The prices vary because of your choice of publishing methods, the size of the book, and where you want to get it published. So, contact us today and answer a few questions to get the exact quote for getting your eBook published today!
The charges for writing an eBook is dependent on a few factors such as the genre of your book, the word count, the additional services of editing and proofreading, etc. If you want to know more details about our eBook writing packages, contact us today, and let us guide you through!
Yes, you can! In fact, getting a professional eBook writer to write your book will benefit you as you can get your story written with the best choice of words and creativity. If you are looking to hire the best eBook writer for your eBook, connect with us now and let us get you hooked up with one!
No, when it comes to writing eBooks, there are no restrictions as to what you want to write. It is your eBook, and it could be about anything you want and plan. So, whatever you have in mind, just tell our professional eBook writers about it and let them create an eBook for you as you wish!
We have a strict 30 days money written policies in case you don’t get satisfied with our service, which is very unlikely to happen because we know how to keep our clients satisfied. We serve them with the best services to make sure that they never go for a refund!
Our eBook writing process is pretty simple and straightforward. Our clients call us, and we ask them to answer a few questions about their requirements. We get them to our writers, and they create an outline for the client. Once the client approves the outline, our professional eBook ghostwriters start working on the eBook and deliver it to them on time. If you want to know more, simply call us now and ask our representative! eBook clearly states that “If a rule prevents you from improving or maintaining eBook, ignore it.” Hire eBook Writers updates and edits the page content as the outsourcing company in order to avoid any rule violation
That completely depends on your story. We often ask our clients to specify how many chapters or pages they want to be added to their eBooks to help us identify how long we must make it. So, the word count is always dependent on how brief the client wants to go!

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    I was highly impressed with the work attitude of the team of Hire eBook Writers as they followed extremely professional working protocol and delivered within the committed time.

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    I got eBook writers from Hire eBook Writers to write and edit several eBook’s for me and they provided the best results. Each page was delivered up to my expectations. Moreover, their professionalism is unbeatable.

    Paul Rhodes
    CEO, Paul Rhodes

    I hired Hire eBook Writers to create and run a eBook’s for me from scratch, and the eBook’s creation services they provided was top-notch. My experience with them was amazing and they submitted all my work within the given time frame.

    William Samuels
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